About Us

At Epiphany snacks, we are driven to promote health and the new progressive ways of living; as we combine age-old traditions, bliss of unfiltered nature with modernistic beliefs, needs and concern.

How often is it that while globe-trotting you come across a brilliant idea or product and service; and you are struck by an ‘Epiphany’; a moment of sudden and great realization. And then you determine to mould the epic product or service with your expertise, style and inputs and offer the world an amazing treat.

Well, that is exactly what happened with our founder, Mr. Ashish Doshi. While he was on one of his expeditions abroad in The States, he happened to come across and taste this surprisingly unique product- that is infused with nutrition and a great deal-of-taste too.

At Epiphany Snacks, we endeavour to bring to our consumers, the flavor of authentic and healthy gems of nature including California Almonds, California Pistachios, wild hand-plucked cranberries, and refreshing blueberries.

We import premium quality almonds and pistachios to make you experience the goodness and benefits of these versatile dry-fruit, in a fun & joyous avatar. Pure and rich in nutrition, California almonds and pistachios prove to be an amazing source of energy for all age groups.

All our products are a healthy binge, a great and thoughtful corporate as well as a social or familial gift, a post-workout snack, or a light snack to be relished over some great memories and moments.

We follow stringent and hygienic processes of manufacturing, packaging, storage and maintence of our delicious products, to deliver you nothing less than the best.


The Epiphany Snacks is endeavouring to produce and distribute healthy snacks that promote the spirit and essence of Indo-foreign taste. By this, we mean to inculcate the inspiration of international flavours in the Indian market, also blend authentic Indian tastes with the universal aroma.

Our mission is to deliver premium quality products without incurring any compromise in any aspect.


With learning, charting new territories and marketing avenues we envision ourselves to grow to be a world pioneer in innovative tasty snacking options. We aim to be a leading Global F&B entity, leading by example.

We will continue to develop appetizing snacks that are healthy and tasty, and enjoyed by all age groups.

And as we walk our company’s growth curve, we will also ensure that all our stakeholders prosper and develop with us.