Almond Vanilla Crunch


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Protein Rich

Preservative Free

Cholesterol Free

Gluten Free


The single rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins; Almonds are a nutrition rich, gluten-free power-house that is proven to maintain blood sugar levels, manage weight and boost energy in a jiffy.

Now imagine this single source of multi-benefits being wrapped in the delicious subtly sweet and satisfying taste of pure Vanilla. This delight sprinkled with authentic Himalayan Pink Salt is one to close your eyes and indulge in.

These nut pops are a blast of energy and nutritional goodness. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, or know someone who is, this makes an ideal snack for you or as a gift. Binge on this post workout or as an evening bite too!

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Almonds, Rice Crisp, Brown Rice Syrup, Low Carb Sweetener, Himalayan Pink Salt and Vanilla powder.

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